Technology has Run Amuck

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I awoke this morning to my friend Janine’s wonderful post about how an update took down the theme for her blog. I hate to say I laughed a little, but I’ve become quite accustomed to this kind of thing (and I wasn’t laughing at her, of course I was laughing at the entire situation!).

Allow me to explain.

I’m a huge fan of astrology (I actually do astrology readings). While most people don’t put much stock in astrology, too much in my life has happened during astrologically significant phenomena for it to be a “coincidence.” My car accident for example.

One of these astrological events is occurring right now, and is the main reason for all of the technological mishaps (like Janine’s blog), and communication glitches that have been occurring recently. Mercury has gone retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the planet that rules thought, communication, travel, transportation, and technology among other things. In Greek mythology, Mercury was the trickster and the messenger of the Gods. He carried the caduceus, a symbol that represents the medical field today and has wings on his sandals, which gave him quick speed. You know the FTD symbol, the little guy with wings on his feet that signifies their speed? Yep, that’s Mercury. This is also where Quicksilver, a nickname for the element Mercury, came from.

Mercury, the planet, was very aptly named because when this planet goes retrograde, all hell breaks loose. Retrograde means the orbit of the planet has slowed down considerably. So much so that from our perspective here on the blue marble, the planet looks like it’s orbiting in reverse. Specifically, it looks like it is going backwards through the zodiac.

There are several steps to this process, and the whole thing from beginning to end typically lasts about 7 weeks.Β  Without going into all the science, essentially there is 2 weeks of pre-retrograde, 3 weeks of retrograde, and 2 weeks of post retrograde energy to deal with. The current cycle of Mercury retrograde began on October 19, 2012. The official 3 week retrograde period began on November 6, 2012. This full-blown retrograde period is when the most damage occurs.Β  The post retrograde period begins on November 30, and the whole thing finally ends on December 14th.

NASA PD, via Wikimedia Commons

You’ll see quite a few cars pulled off on the side of the road with their hoods up, lots of computer glitches, miscommunications, and anything else you can think of. Mercury retrograde allows Murphy’s law to have compete freedom, or so it seems. Myself, I’ve had a number of bank problems and my ability to focus on anything but staring into space is severely compromised this time around.

One of the main things to remember during this wacky time is don’t make any major decisions, sign any contracts, or make any large purchases. Make sure you double and triple check everything you do, it’s very easy to miss some major mistake that could cause you quite a bit of trouble in the future.

Things you should do during Mercury Retrograde? Anything that begins with the prefix Re, such as re-evaluate, re-consider, re-write, re-organize, re-plan, re-do, etc. You may also notice that memories that have been buried for a long time, but may not have been REsolved begin to surface. This happens to me every time, and it really affects my ability to focus (and this is a really bad month for this to be happening!!). Meditation can also be very beneficial.


11 comments on “Technology has Run Amuck

  1. jnine0712 says:

    Thanks Mel for letting me in on why this glitch happened to me yesterday. Seriously, I can laugh now about it, but yesterday I wasn’t laughing!! That said, I have had trouble the last two days focusing a bit, too. I just attributed it to the fact that I hadn’t stopped for 2 plus weeks, but now it makes a bit more sense from your post. By the way, I noticed you changed your theme too and love the new look πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Janine! I needed something different (damn mercury). Like you, it took me forever to pick out the dadgum thing. Interestingly, while I wrote this post, it dawned on me why it has been so freakin difficult to focus for the past few weeks, and I told my hubby “I’m a moron.” lmao after I explained it to him, he was like “Wow, you forgot about that?” lol Of course I forgot, I can’t focus remember?? πŸ˜€ I hope they get your theme fixed soon, I really liked it, I’m a scrapper myself, and found your theme really reminded me that I’m way behind on my albums lol.

      • jnine0712 says:

        mel, I have resigned myself to the new theme right now. It is growing on me, but will probably punch it up here and there as time permits (as if I have any extra time, lol!!). But did love the scrap book idea, oh well I guess it was time for a change πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ As for forgetting anything, it seems I do that quite well now, too. I blame it on my mommy brain!!

  2. clarkscottroger says:

    interesting, a colleague of mine is very much a believer (in astrology) and the only I can recall her ever (trying to) warn us at the office was the effects of Mercury being retrograde! Given the subject of my own blog, it should not be a surprise that I am totally a fan of anyone who goes to the effort to learn, practices it enough to gain an understanding and courageous enough to use non-traditional paradigms.

  3. Very truly interesting! I love astrology but ere is SO much to it…maybe Mercury Retrograde is my dilemma as well?

  4. Amy says:

    Oh, well that explains a lot! πŸ™‚ Things have seemed a bit screwed up lately…phones, computers, my coffee maker and… my attitude! I can usually “feel” the intensity or change in energy, but I never know the specifics. This was a fun post!

    • Thanks Amy. My computer has been running slow, my phone has been turning off whenever it wants to, and my attitude, oh don’t even talk to me about my attitude!! lol It’ll be over soon… I HOPE! AAAHHHH

  5. Cyndi says:

    Ya know, I never knew the whole “retrograde” thing. Huh. I hear the phrase tossed around here and there, but it’s nice to know what’s actually happening. Wish me luck…we’re traveling for Thanksgiving…no car pile-ups here! πŸ™‚

    • Cyndi, you best be uber careful!! Of course your car could always just not start… happens quite a bit during this time. And Mercury Retrograde happens 3 times a year!! Isn’t that just AWEsOME??

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