I Got Fired From ChaCha

My Termination Letter from ChaCha

Seriously? I’m still in shock.

I got an email a couple days ago that told me my employment with ChaCha was being terminated. No explanation why, just “we’re terminating your contract.” Now, I know I shouldn’t feel bad, I was only getting paid a penny per answer. But when I read the email, I got the same feeling I had gotten when I was fired from other jobs. I really should be happy about it, all it did was distract me while I was trying to write, and it created more problems than it was worth. Plus, now I don’t have to deal with all the stupid questions about sex and kids sending in their homework questions.

But I Got Fired!

From a crappy job!

To top things off, I got sloppy on some of my writing for a content site, and got demoted. This was all during Mercury Retrograde mind you.

On the brighter side, I applied for a different site, and got accepted with a 4 star rating. Go figure.

It’s been a tough few weeks. I’ve been writing my butt off trying to make the bills, and I still fell short. The electric will be paid, but nothing else. I guess I’ll still have electricity, which means I can still write and make money. But if the internet goes out, I’m screwed.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, I logged on to my bank account the other day only to find that a hold had been placed on it for about $11,000. Yes, you read that right. The crazy part is, the account is a joint account, which means they shouldn’t be able to touch it, plus the debt is over 8 years old. It’s not even on my credit report anymore!


So, if you’re wondering why I haven’t had a chance to update this blog, now you know. I never got a chance to work on my novel, let alone finish it. I did have another idea for a book, but it, too, got put on the back burner.

However, I did get some things accomplished this past week. I finished all 8 of my hubs for the apprenticeship (YAY!!), and I rearranged my desk yet again, but now it’s much less cluttered, which is a huge victory for me.

This month I’m going to try to stay on top of things. I got a bit behind in November because I got lazy (and depressed). But I really need to concentrate this month, so to hold myself accountable, I’m going to be planning like crazy and writing updates of my progress on this blog. I’m hoping if I use the blog as a sort of progress journal, my readers can help keep me on track… πŸ˜€

For now, I’m going to go get a good night’s sleep, which I have not been able to do for the past two weeks. When I get up, I’ll start planning my apprenticeship hubs, get my client work done, and post an update.

Wish me luck! πŸ˜€


4 comments on “I Got Fired From ChaCha

  1. First off Melissa, I hope you got a good night’s sleep and am thinking of you. I got a bit side-tracked with the novel writing last month, so I can slightly relate to sidetracked. Also, I too got demoted on Textbroker for a few articles when I was busy writing my butt off on the novel side and wasn’t as careful as guessI should be. I have to admit I stopped writing on there after that, because I just had too much going on with my other writing and didn’t want to make anymore mistakes on that site while my time was spread so thin. Hoping to get back over there as things quiet down. But please know I have been thinking about you and have missed you on here. I hope everything begins to clam for you and get back on track.

    • Yep, that’s almost exactly what happened to me, I was trying to get as many articles in as possible to pay the cable bill, and got really sloppy. I missed a few commas, or put too many commas in, they were careless mistakes. I did get a good night’s sleep though! I’m still wicked busy, but I have a whole month to get my 8 hubs done, so I’m not under as much pressure, which is quite nice. I miss the bloppy bloggers group, and that’s on my to do list, to get back into the swing of things. πŸ˜€

  2. Cyndi says:

    Dang…a lot is going on. Sorry about the ChaCha site, but it sounds like it wasn’t really worth your time. 😐 I hope things will be on the up and up now. Take care!

    • Never a dull moment lol. I’m still a bit upset over the ChaCha thing, but it’s most likely for the best. I can now focus all my attention on writing, which will bring in more money anyway. Hopefully this month will be better.

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