The Return of the Anal Retentive Organizing WAHM

Return of the HMN

The Return of the Anal Retentive Organizing WAHM

Since November was so hectic for me (since getting fired from ChaCha and all), I’ve decided to plan the crap out of December. This is my fifth month of the Hubpages apprenticeship, and last month I really felt like I was just “phoning it in.” I put a lot of work into my hubs, don’t get me wrong, but it just didn’t feel like it was my best work.

The whole month I felt completely overwhelmed. I still do to a certain extent. It was a horrible feeling, but I’ve taken back some of the control, at least in my mind. I’ve been organizing everything. I rearranged my desk, and de-cluttered it, which has made it much easier for me to write. I’m also keeping track of all my copy writing jobs and their deadlines.

My Home Management Notebook was put off to the side for awhile. I think this contributed to my stress last month because I was completely disorganized. I’m now back to planning my weeks, and days. I’m re-starting my meal planning this week as well.

I need to learn to prioritize, however. Deciding what to do first isn’t the hard part, actually starting the prioritizing process is the difficult part. For some reason, I can get everything on a to do list, but I never prioritize it, which means my most important work doesn’t get done right away. I just end up going down the list in the order I wrote it.

But at least I’m getting stuff done and not forgetting anything!

Being Productive

Since my resolution, which I made on December 1st, I’ve been pretty productive. I applied to a new writing writing site, which pays quite well, and have already received three jobs. Unfortunately, the site only pays twice a month, on the 1st and 15th, so I’m going to have to finagle some bills. Ultimately, however, this may prove to be an excellent source of extra income.

I’ve also planned a few hubs already, although I have yet to start writing them. I’m still working on trying out some of the websites in the book I’m reviewing. The most recent site I applied for was actually from that book. It’s been pretty lucrative, and I’ll be posting the review soon.

My main problem is learning how to write faster and write well. My grammar isn’t atrocious. However, when I’m near a deadline or in a hurry for whatever reason, I add commas where they shouldn’t be and forget them where they’re needed. I also have a difficult time writing fluidly. In other words, I can write a few sentences, but then I get stuck. It takes me a few minutes before I get the thoughts flowing again, and this really puts a damper on my productivity. Unfortunately, organizing hasn’t fixed this problem yet.


Greg's Star Wars Collection

One of the lots Greg posted on Ebay. He’ll be adding more soon.

We’re trying to go through all of our stuff and sell as much as we can on ebay. Hopefully it will help make us a little extra money (every little bit helps) and it will also get rid of some of our clutter, which is driving me INSANE!! It is so hard to think clearly and keep the house even semi-clean with all this stuff that we so don’t need. Greg is currently selling his Star Wars collection, and will be adding more of his “toys” soon. If you’re interested in “garage sale” type stuff, Greg’s profile is dorkadork2012. We’ll be adding things like:

  • Nintendo 64
  • Dreamcast
  • Pharmaceutical pens (these are rare now since it’s illegal for the pharmaceutical companies to hand them out anymore)
  • Figurines (bunnies and other miscellaneous stuff)
  • Books
  • More Star Wars toys
  • Jewelry (some of our handmade items from when we were trying to make a jewelry business work)

I’m sure there will be other stuff as well. I just want to get everything out of the house, and it’s not going fast enough.

So, if you know anyone who might be interested in this kind of stuff, please direct them to this blog, or Greg’s Ebay Page. I’d be ever so greatful, and not just because we need the money, but because I want this crap out of my house!!! 😀


8 comments on “The Return of the Anal Retentive Organizing WAHM

  1. I would totally look on his page, but I still need to re-list and sell a few things around here, too. Seriously, I feel your pain on that and prioritizing. I got nothing accomplished in the way of writing today, because Lily decided to wake up 20 minutes after she fell asleep. It has been like kind of day around here!!

  2. lol I know what you mean. I’ve picked up a couple of jobs today, but the only writing I got done was this blog post. I just can’t concentrate today, and prioritizing? Forget that today! Unfortunately, Sam doesn’t take naps anymore, but I wish she did!! Even 20 minutes of quite would be nice. Any idea why she woke up though?

  3. Kate says:

    Wow, that’s some interesting stuff you have to sell. It’s amazing what we accumulate over the years. I need a dump truck to come by my house. We have a big neighing horse in my basement that my niece didn’t want anymore, but it takes up a lot of room. I’m gonna check out your organization folder post. I need something like that.

    • Isn’t it the truth!! We collect so much crap, it’s amazing we have any room left over to live in! We haven’t even touched the garage yet, and thankfully we don’t have a basement! I’d be scared to death to find what we’d stashed down there!! 😀

      You may want to checkout the Freelance writer post too, it has a lot of free forms that you can download and print. A few of them are blogging forms. 😀

  4. flemily says:

    I think it’s great that you’re planning ahead and prioritizing AND trying to de-clutter your home…those are some great goals and sounds like you are well on your way to achieving them.

    • Thanks Emily, I really didn’t realize how much the clutter was bothering me until recently. But now my problem is, my husband keeps bringing out all this stuff to sell on Ebay, and it’s just making the situation worse!!

  5. Organizing is such a good thing – it does give you some control and allows you room to focus on other things once you’re done.

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