The Revenge of Clutter

My Un-Cluttered Desk

It’s not completely clean, but only the necessities are on it.

With all the organizing going on, I’ve been obsessed with clutter lately, and we have plenty of it! I’ve successfully kept my desk clutter free, but the rest of the house is a disaster. Since Greg decided to sell stuff on ebay, things have gotten worse. Everything he wants to sell, and needs to photograph, is sitting in my living room. Let’s not even talk about the kitchen and housework… He gets easily distracted… ADHD is a real pain in the ass.

For some reason, every time I try to move clutter out, it seems to come back with a vengeance! Unfortunately, I don’t have the time (or the energy) to de-clutter the house constantly and write enough to make the bills. It’s just not possible. I’ve tried!

Plus I have a bazillion other things to do, like homeschool Sam, write, clean, write and then of course I have to write. My desk is somewhat of a haven though. Mainly because it’s clean, and I love my laptop (it’s so pretty!).

I'm adding a different angle of my desk just to prove it really is clutter free.

I’m adding a different angle of my desk just to prove it really is clutter free.

More Clutter

My scrapbooking table is buried under there somewhere. Honest!

Not to mention, I’ve got a few crafts laying around that I’ve been wanting to finish, or at least work on, but haven’t been able to do so. I can’t even get to my scrapping desk, so all the free prints I had at snapfish expired. And I refuse to get one of those photo books. It may be okay for some people,Β  but it’s just cheating me out of the creative process in my opinion.

Clutter does affect my ability to think clearly enough to write; I know because I’m constantly fighting the urge to clean vs write. I wonder if it also affects my writing speed. I really should be able to crank out a 200 word article in like 15 minutes; I’ve done 500 in 45 minutes, so I know it can be done. But I just can’t get the words to flow, and that might be because the Chi doesn’t flow right in the house because of all the clutter in the way, or something like that (it sounded good).

Unfortunately, that’s part of the problem with selling stuff on ebay. It takes forever to get it to sell and get it out of your house. I wanted to put the tree up this year, Sam loves decorating the Yule tree, but I have NO ROOM!!! UGH!!!

On the bright side, I did find a ton of my pharmaceutical pens that generally sell pretty well. Considering the drug companies can’t make the pens anymore, they’ve become somewhat of a collector’s item (if you’re into pens).

I realized I’m a pen connoisseur. Weird I know, but apparently it’s one of my hidden talents. I used to sell some of my pharmaceutical stuff that I didn’t like or want, and I guess I retained some of the stuff, like what sells and what sells REALLY well.Β  I have one pen that is new in the box, that sells for $70.00.

I bet you didn’t think a drug rep pen could be that expensive huh? πŸ˜€

Greg's Desk

Greg’s desk is right next to mine… UGH!!

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Greg’s desk is right next to mine, and he’s buried my scrapbooking desk in Star Wars crap, I can’t find my kitchen table either! It just makes me want to scream sometimes… It’s a good thing I love him… πŸ™‚

Look No Table!!

Where’d my kitchen table go? Did he sell it on ebay??


4 comments on “The Revenge of Clutter

  1. I hear you on selling stuff on EBay. I literally don’t seem to have enough time in the day to do it all and then sell on EBay, pack stuff up and ship out. Just feel like I could use a few extra hours a day. As for the clutter, we just straightened up around here, but give it a week and sure I, too, will be buried under more clutter again. It is never ending!!

    • I totally hear you! I should really try to get back on my biphasic sleep schedule to get that extra 2 hours a day. I could really use them right about now!! The packing and shipping part is easy though, I just have USPS pick it up at my house, and I print all of my own postage. But listing the stuff is such a pain! You have to take photos, then work on the descriptions and decide on a price. That’s the hardest part for me: the descriptions and the prices!! Plus all the research that goes into keywords and pricing. UGH!!! And I have to fight clutter too?? lol

  2. Cyndi says:

    Wait, really? The drug companies can’t make pens anymore? I have TONS of them – my sister in law is a pharmacist. Very interesting. And yes, your laptop is pretty! πŸ™‚

    • Indeed, a couple years ago they made it illegal to give out promotional items like pens and post it notes etc., because it was essentially considered bribery. So now the stuff is quite collectible!

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