Rules of the Flagg Family Household

I’m not a huge fan of rules. I don’t hate them, and I rarely break them unless they are completely stupid and pointless. But I don’t really like them. Some rules are necessary, obviously, but I’m more of the “live and let live” kinda gal.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that I have not laid down any rules for our little family of three. I just realized (literally while I was typing that last sentence) that Greg and I have been together for 9 years. That’s my longest relationship ever. Huh, I must really love this guy! That’s weird… 😉

Flagg Household Rules

Our rules now hang proudly on our fridge for all to see.

But I digress…

Recently, I’ve been getting overwhelmed. “NO!” you say, but sadly, yes. I just can’t do everything. As much as I’d like to think I’m omnipotent and capable of doing everything everyday, I admit… I can’t…

Pause for effect….

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to enlist the help of my team members. Unfortunately, that means coming up with a few rules that everyone in the household must follow. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Absolutely NO gaming or watching TV until all your chores have been completed (see chore chart).
  • Kitchen must be cleaned before going to bed!!
  • If you make a mess, clean it up IMMEDIATELY. This includes the KITCHEN.
  • When you are finished eating, IMMEDIATELY put your dishes in the sink (not on a table or the floor).
  • If you put a dish in the sink, wash it, dry it and put it away.
  • If you say you are bored, or can’t find something to do, I will find a chore for you.
  • DO NOT put dirty laundry on the floor; put it in the laundry basket!
  • Make your bed when you get up.
  • Eat what you are given.
  • When you ask for something, use Please and Thank you.
  • If you are interrupting someone, say “Excuse Me.”
  • Put your current toy away before bringing out a new one.
  • You room must be picked up before bed every night.
  • Litter boxes must be cleaned DAILY and litter must be changed once a week.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO CRYING if you are told no or don’t get what you want.

Surprisingly, I’m the only one who’s actually started following the rules. Weird, I know. So my goal now is to come up with a reward system for following the rules. How do you reward a grown man with ADHD when he follows the rules??

Talk about a dilemma!

So I’d like to ask all of my readers, what rules do you enforce in your home? What rewards to you use to reinforce good behavior? Let me know in the comments below!!


21 comments on “Rules of the Flagg Family Household

  1. Love them – and might borrow them for my home!

  2. Rich Rumple says:

    Melissa – Okay, when the girls still lived at home they knew I expected certain things from them. I made them pretty clear, like you have. To enforce them, I used the 1, 2, 3 method. If I see things out once, we’ll take. If I see them out twice, I’ll talk. If I see them out three times, I throw them in the trash. After they started finding some things gone, they straightened up real fast. I corrected them the same way, with the third time being a spanking. But, I never spanked out of anger. If I couldn’t control myself, how could I expect them to? So, on the 3 count, they were forced to sit on the couch for 20 minutes while I preached at them why they were about to get a spanking. Then, we agreed on a certain number of whacks. They leaned over a footstool and the whacks were administered, hard enough to make and impact, but not hard enough to injure in any way. Then, they were made to sit back on the couch and listen to a twenty minute preaching session about what they could do in the future not to get any more spankings. I swear, I only had to do this three or four times the entire time they were growing up. My oldest daughter still says the lectures were the worst part of the whole thing! lol Good luck!

    • I totally understand what you’re say Rich, and I have tried this technique with Sam, but it doesn’t work. We really haven’t found anything that works with her actually. Except threatening to take away her homeschooling… but how often can I do that? lol I know when I was growing up, all my mom had to do was look at me a certain way and I snapped right into line. I don’t know how she did that, but looking at it from a mom’s point of view, it was awesome! lol

  3. Great rules, but since my kids are so little still. My rules with them are pretty straight forward with manners like please, thank you. A big one right now is saying I am sorry, because Lily is having real trouble with one. Also, cleaning up the toys that they have played with. For the most part, they do seem to listen, but we have our moments. I think it will get as time passes and they see that he rules are here to stay and it isn’t just a phase, since you didn’t really have rules before this. Good luck 🙂

    • I wish we had started instituting rules when she was much younger, but hindsight is 20/15. Cleaning up is the hardest part for her (and Greg!). Enforcing these rules is difficult I’ve found. I don’t know how to get hubby to follow the rules, he’s not setting a very good example!! lol

  4. JenJen0703 says:

    ok…reward system for the child is an excellent idea. But, a reward system for the husband? You might end up in some trouble… 🙂

  5. pmoppins says:

    We have a chore chart for our daughter with chores and what we call “family contributions” (non-negotiable chores) on it. She is paid by the chore with a potential for bonuses if she does extra. We settle up each week. It’s amazing what a little incentive will do. 🙂 Found you through Bloggy Moms.

    • Family contributions, I like that!! I keep trying to tell both Greg and Sam that we’re a team, but for some reason, it’s just not sinking in. It may be time to introduce an allowance! So glad you stopped by, Welcome!! I love Bloggy Moms!!

  6. Great rules and good luck! Everyone needs some rules and guidelines to get them through, and you shouldn’t have to do everything!

  7. Emily says:

    Ugh, so hard to get kids to follow household rules! I’ve tried rewarding them with a small allowance at the end of the week. It worked for a little while. I also say no video games until homework is done. When they throw their clothes on the floor, I leave them there and then tell them they must pick up their clothes before they do x,y or z. Your rules are great — I hope they work!

  8. Stacy Harris says:

    I like to live dangerously… that being said.. we have an unspoken set of rules at our house… I am not really sure what they are, but they are obviously not working. I am in the process right now of setting up a chore chart. It is driving me mad that the chores are never done to my standards. That being said – I guess I need to enlist rules for the house. So I guess they are going to start losing privileges if things don’t start changing. Good luck!

    • Oh I know how you feel Stacy!! It’s driving me nuts as well. I found a chore chart online that I really liked. I printed it out, and I’m working on it today for Sam. I hate it when things aren’t done the way I want them, cuz then I have to go back and redo them. Let me know how your chore chart works. Are you going to use a reward system as well as loss of privileges? I’m not sure if I want to use both, or one or the other.

  9. Rules…hmm…perhaps I should adopt a couple of those, haha. 😉

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