I’m probably the worst procrastinator. Okay, I take that back, Greg is much better at it than I am. But I’m still really good at it.  I can procrastinate on procrastinating. I even procrastinate on things I want to do.

I have been procrastinating all day.

Why? You know, I really have no idea, and I’ve been procrastinating on trying to figure out why.

I have SO MUCH writing to do. I have 2 client articles, 8 hubs, blog posts x4, and a review to get done. But instead of doing all that, I find myself repeatedly checking my email, refreshing the Bloppy Bloggers FB page, checking twitter and generally just farting around.

Although it may not be so much that I’m procrastinating, I just can’t seem to focus… at all.

Then Greg decides to light the fire and set off the smoke detector. Ya, that did a lot to get me focused. I’m currently in the garage with my laptop on the dryer, writing this blog post because the house is full of smoke. And not the good “funny” kind of smoke either, which I’m sure would make for a hysterical blog post…

Back in side, it still smells like the house is burning down, and my eyes are still watering…

It’s also colder in here than it was before we started the fire because of all the fans that we turned on to blow the smoke out of the house. There’s also fireplace dust everywhere, including my Lady Grey Tea.

So much for a productive day.

I don’t get it, usually on days like this when it’s cloudy and cold, I find all the inspiration I need to write, and I get so much done. But not today. Nope, today I’m tired, my phone refuses to charge, I feel a UTI coming on (which I have no idea how considering how much vitamin C I take), Sam won’t stop crying about cleaning her room, and Greg tried to burn down the house.


Have we made any progress on getting the house clean? Fuck no.

I need to pee. But I really don’t….

All in all,  today has been a real downer. In all seriousness, days like these really deal a huge blow to any motivation I have left, and unfortunately, there seems to be more of these days than productive ones.

I guess today was somewhat productive: I got a lot of procrastinating done…


6 comments on “Procrastination

  1. Julie DeNeen says:

    I feel your pain girlfriend. I feel it – wait, I have to go check twitter.

  2. Oh I did a lot of that this afternoon too and now I am exhausted and trying to finish up for the night, when I should have been done already. Hate these types of days!!

  3. Kelly says:

    I’m great at procrastination and if I had a back yard that was as gorgeous as that picture I’d never get off a hammock:).

    • I know! lol if it hadn’t been so cold out today, I might have gotten more done, because I would’ve went outside to write!! But then I probably would’ve been staring at the lake, so maybe not! lol

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