Just Another One of Those Days

Another Gloomy Day

As if I needed more problems at the moment.

Greg’s unemployment is on hold until they verify his workman’s comp settlement. You know, the state will do anything to get out of paying a claim.

So, rent is late again, and we’ll have to pay the $108 late fee that our landlord will be charged for being late on the mortgage. You know, because we have an extra $108 just laying around for no reason. Let’s not forget about the bills I still have to pay, like car insurance, phone etc. It just keeps getting better and better.

But at least we’re not being evicted.

This means I’m going to have to write 24/7 to make the bills. I told Greg I need help. I need time to write, and the house still needs to be cleaned, stuff needs to get listed on ebay, and Sam needs to be homeschooled. Unfortunately, Greg and Sam are going to have to temporarily take on more than their fair share this month. Since they haven’t been doing much lately, this should make up for it. No, I’m not bitter, why do you say that?

Thanks to my sister, the Kindle Fire will allow me to do some writing (mainly blogging) while Greg uses the laptop to work on ebay. But the Kindle can’t clean the house… I don’t think…

It’s funny how one’s motivation can wax and wane. Yesterday, I had no desire to write anything. Especially after getting suspended for 7 days at Interactmedia for missing a deadline (my internet was out, I think the cable company owes me some money). Today, I have more motivation to get some writing done, although I’m not all gun-ho or anything.

On the bright side, I did just get an email saying this blog was accepted to Top Mommy Blogs!! YAY!!!


Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

AWESOMESAUCE!!!! I can finally put this awesome banner on my blog! ha! Sweet!!

We also sold a few things on ebay, which is awesome. Unfortunately, the money just isn’t coming in fast enough. But isn’t that always the way? What a pain in the ass.Β  I need chocolate! I’m also about ready to rearrange my desk, yet again! I think I’m in an organizational mood again…

I found some new printables, courtesy of Terrye Tombs! So, I’ll be doing another post on Work-at-Home Mommy organization shortly, and I’ll also be posting the picture of the day shortly. Just waiting for hubby to get home… πŸ˜€


8 comments on “Just Another One of Those Days

  1. Congrats on Top Mommy Blogs and trust me I too am having one of those days, but just hope that it passes now.

  2. ttoombs08 says:

    My pleasure, DOM! I could really use more of your mommy organization pep talks. Right now, I either do the house chores and the writing suffers, or I do the writing stuff and the house chores pay the price. I need a man-servant…preferably smokin’ hot in a loin cloth. I wonder how much writing I’d get done then….

    • ha ha ha!!! I heard that!! The house would be sterile because I’d have that guy cleaning 24/7!! Writing? What writing? This blog would turn into a photo blog! lol

      I’m actually working on the organizational blog now… I was hoping to get it up today. πŸ™‚ I need the pep talk myself!

  3. davenmidtown says:

    have you tried to write for writeraccess.com… they pay much better then interactmedia…

    • Somehow your comment ended up in the spam bin… sorry about that. Good thing I checked before deleting them!! No I haven’t applied to writer access yet, mainly because that sample you have to write is throwing me for a loop lol.

      • davenmidtown says:

        Just like writing a hub… they need medical writers… so write 500 words about epidurals. just make sure you grammar check it… seriously I make good money there… often times 600 = $25

      • I just checked out their application. That writing sample is going to be a pain in the ass, but I’ll get the application done today. It looks like they pay quite well!

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