Never a Dull Moment

This is the game we were “discussing.”

Greg: “Have you played this game?”

Me: “What game? Babel?”

Greg: “Babel, sexy? Really? It’s Babble”

Me: “No if it was babble, there would be TWO b’s instead of one”

Greg: “Look it up”

I open Merriam – Webster’ s dictionary which conveniently offers pronunciations.

Merriam – Webster Dictionary: “Babel”

Me: “See, Babel”

Greg: “That’s what I said, Babel”

Me: “Oh my fucking goddess, no you didn’t”

Greg: “Yes I did, and you said something about it should have 2 b’s or something”

Me: “What I said was, if it’s actually pronounced babble, it should have 2 b’s instead of one. You said Babble!”

Greg: “No I didn’t”

Me: “Oh my god, you’re just fucking with me aren’t you”

Greg: “NO! I said Babble”

Me: *sigh*

Greg: “Anyway, have you played THIS game?”

Me: “What game? BABEL??”

We have the most interesting conversations.

Greg’s never been really good at pronunciation. He’s more of a math dude, not English and literature. I, on the other hand, LOVED phonics in school, and I remember most of the rules pretty well. So whenever the question of pronunciation comes up, it’s always a very interesting conversation.

This particular one reminds me of the time we argued over Apricot. Greg said app-ricot, whereas I said Ape-ricot. I can’t remember exactly how the conversation went. But I remember him saying, “you know, app-ricot, like Ape-ril.” I immediately caught what he said, and retorted with “Exactly like in APE-ril.”

He says Ape-ricot now.


6 comments on “Never a Dull Moment

  1. Loved it and totally reminded me of conversations had in my own house!! πŸ™‚

  2. Too funny, and very close to home on this one, except, I’m never wrong πŸ™‚

  3. Never a dull moment, that’s for sure haha. I’ve never even heard of this game, lolol

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