Characteristics That Make a Successful WAHM – Multitasking

Let me tell you how much experience I have with multitasking. I’m currently doing the following things all at the same time:

  • Playing with the macro photography settings on my camera
  • Uploading the pictures I just took
  • Editing the awesome macro shot you see below
  • Writing this blog post
  • Reading five different articles
  • Writing a client article
  • Checking stats on HP
  • Writing an HP article
  • Checking email
  • Working on my weekly plan (see awesome macro shot below lol)
  • Playing Words With Friends on my Kindle
  • Ordering cat food on Amazon
  • Planning my weekly goals (I know, it’s already Wednesday)

I’m sure I’m actually doing more than that, but that’s all I can remember at the moment…

My attempt at macro photography with an older digital camera. We’ll be getting a new one with our tax refund… YAY! And yes, I know it’s not exactly macro photography with 7.8 – 23.4mm lens… lol

This is why I bought my current, fungus ridden laptop with my last IRS tax refund. I need a PC that could keep up with me. I have eight browser tabs open (which is actually rare, I usually have over 10), plus two Word documents open, along with my email and Photoscape.

Yup, my laptop gets a workout. This is also why I can’t take it in to get it fixed… I NEED IT!!!

Playing Words With Friends with My Sister

My Kindle Fire can do a lot, but it doesn’t come close to the laptop.

Now I’m looking through various radio stations on my Kindle using XiiaLive Pro. I have never used this program, but so far it’s AWESOME!!! You can listen to just about ANY station all over the world.

But, I digress…

See multitasking is pretty handy. I just started some rice for dinner too…

As WAHMs, we’d never get anything done if we didn’t multitask.

Of course, it can also be very distracting.

Multitasking really is an art form. It takes a lot of practice. But women are kind of thrown into it when we become moms. We have to be able to take care of the baby, do laundry, clean the kitchen, and of course if we have more than one child, we have to take care of him/her too! But this is really beneficial if you really want to become a WAHM.

But, there are times when multitasking isn’t beneficial. Like when we want to relax. Perfect example: I was playing Words With Friends with my sister, when she came up with this word worth 87 points.

That’s what I get for not giving the game my full attention. I was doing a bazillion other things at the time, and really didn’t take the time to come up with anything good.

Here’s my sister’s Word….

Yep, she’s totally kicking my ass. I pretty much just gave up after that. I mean come on, look at my letters!! UGH!!!

Anyway, the point of this post is to point out how beneficial multitasking can be, and unfortunately, it can’t be taught. You have to learn what works for you and how much you can multitask at once. Some people can do two things at once, others can do five. Those of us with ADHD can do ten…

Everybody is different.

But eventually, we all have to learn to multitask.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about ambition and motivation. I’ll give some examples of getting through the rough times (we all know I’ve had plenty of them) and recommend some ways to reduce stress to help you stay strong during them.

In the meantime, feel free to share your hysterical multitasking story in the comments, or anything else you’d like to share.

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8 comments on “Characteristics That Make a Successful WAHM – Multitasking

  1. Oh my goodness…I could NEVER do all the things you’re doing at once. I get stressed just looking at that list. Wow! I had a friend who worked next to me and she used to have dozens of tabs open on her computer…she couldn’t work any other way. I guess it comes more naturally to some. I hope I’m a little better at it by the time I become a mom! Great post and glad it’s second nature to you…seems like you’re a whiz at it! 🙂

    • lol I’m not sure I should be doing all of that at once! It really does come more naturally for some. I think those of us who can do more at once are the ones who are a bit more high strung. Those who are more relaxed probably can multitask as much, but they also don’t have as many heart attacks! lmao 🙂

  2. So with you on this and most do at least 10 things at a time at all times of the day. I have always been like this, but now that I have kids it is even more so. Could totally relate and by the way that is why I stopped playing Words with Friends, I couldn’t couldn’t come up with enough good words to safe my life, lol!! 🙂

    • Oh so that’s why you won’t play words with friends with me lol. I tell you that and Scramble are so distracting. But I have to say they have improved my writing significantly.

      It’s really funny how motherhood turns you into an expert multitasker overnight isn’t it? 😀

  3. Danielle says:

    Haha love it! I can definitely relate to the 10+ browser tabs! That is one that drives my crazy because I like to consolidate things! My latest talent is multi-tasking while nursing an infant since our youngest is super clingy!

    • I know what you mean! I’m constantly rearranging my tabs at the top to “group” them together. My daughter is also super clingy. Attempting to write this blog is difficult if she doesn’t have something to do!

  4. Rich Rumple says:

    My previous position as a district manager over a three state area brought much of the same. However, even though I felt alive at times while multitasking, I didn’t realize how much it was taking out of me. Be gentle with yourself and take many breaks. Otherwise, you’ll wake up one day to find yourself as brain dead as I. : ) Great post!

    • I know what you mean about finding yourself brain dead! That happens to me quite often actually, and I take it as a sign that I need to take a break. It really does take quite a bit out of you!

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