A Sink Full of Dirty Dishes = Insanity

This is my first Finish The Sentence Friday, but the prompt for this one was just irresistible! So here are the rules for FTSF:

“I get so frustrated when…”

Next week’s sentence to finish: ”Speaking from experience, I’m going to give you a little advice on…”

And, now the good stuff:

I get so frustrated when the dishes are allowed to pile up in the sink or clutter (including dirty laundry and toys) is allowed to accumulate on the floor, and I’m trying to get some work done.  I love Greg to death, but he has one nasty habit that drives me INSANE. He procrastinates doing anything. No, I mean he procrastinates procrastinating.

When I was working, there were ALWAYS dirty dishes in the sink. ALWAYS!! The only reason there aren’t any now is because I clean them! If I put a dish in the sink, I clean it. It’s so much easier to just clean the damn dish while I’m up than it is to let the dishes accumulate. Then I have to stand there for 30 minutes cleaning a bazillion dishes that could have been done in about 30 seconds.

When Greg was working, I had a whole system to my day. The dishes were always done, the laundry was always clean, folded AND PUT AWAY!! Not to mention the litter boxes were cleaned daily, and I vacuumed every other day. I made juice daily, and we had a fresh, “from scratch” meal for dinner nightly, and I STILL managed to get my writing done. The house also looked much less cluttered. We still had it, but I was getting it organized.

Since Greg has been home, the clutter has gotten out of control, the laundry sits in laundry baskets, and dirty laundry is all over the floor. Sure I could do it all, but I really shouldn’t have too since I’m the only one bringing in any money. The clutter is even worse now because of all the stuff we’re selling on Ebay that just isn’t selling fast enough. And of course it all has to sit in the living room.

More Clutter

My scrapbooking table is buried under there somewhere. Honest!

Out of everything in the living room, my desk is the only thing that is clutter free, and for some reason, things randomly show up on my desk that shouldn’t be there, and that also drives me insane.

Can you tell the difference??

The other thing is, of course, that one time a month aunt flow comes to visit,  I get in this agonizingly anal cleaning mood. It would be a lot easier to just keep the house clean than to hear me bitch and complain about how is organized the house is wouldn’t it?

Don’t even get me started on the front porch….

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8 comments on “A Sink Full of Dirty Dishes = Insanity

  1. I am with you on the clutter and I hate my sink to be full of dirty dishes. I think it is because my own mom used to make to clean things as she went and it is the same here. If I am cooking or baking, I clean as I use something therefore lessening the amount of dirty items. Hey, it makes sense to me!! Great post and thanks for linking up with us!! 🙂

    • I know! My mom too!! If dishes weren’t cleaned while she was making dinner, dad and I would do them right after dinner, but they were always clean. I came from a home that was IMMACULATE!! Seriously, you could eat off the tile floor in the kitchen and you’d get BETTER if you were sick. There was no clutter anywhere in that house and mom was always getting rid of things she didn’t want anymore. Before I met Greg, my apartment looked a lot like her home. Now I rent an actual house and the clutter is driving me INSANE!!! AAAHHHH!!! lol 😀

  2. Considerer says:

    Ow! That is truly a painful level of clutter! I hope everything sells on ebay soon and you can get things back to neat. My Husby thinks he’s neat and blames the smallness of our flat for his stuff *everywhere*. I think he’s just messy and whatever size of home we might have, he’ll never be organised. Neat people in small spaces have small, neat spaces, right?

    • OMG!!! YES!! Neat people have neat spaces no matter what size it is!! The utter chaos that surrounds me is truly beginning to grate on my last nerve. The fact that the clutter has been allowed to build up like this just makes the task of cleaning it up seem daunting! It’s a vicious cycle!!

  3. Ruchira says:

    aaww…I hear ya Melissa.

    I guess all men on this universe love to delay their chores cause they are lucky to have such clean women…lol

    I voted for ya on the Top Mommy Blogs and following ya on Google plus 🙂

    Happy Friday:)

    • Thanks Ruchira!! Greatly appreciated the votes and the follow (I followed you back :D)!! I think all men procrastinate so that someone else will do it lol. Geez, why can’t they just be more like us? 😉

  4. Rich Rumple says:

    Okay, so I’m with Greg on the clutter issue. I’m most organized when I’m not organized. I do, however, get irritated at dishes staying in the sink for ages. When I was out of work, I’d do them to help out. But now that I’m working 12 hour days again, I hate seeing breakfast dishes set until the next day. I guess we all have our ways, and if we’re going to stay married (as we have for 33 years) we just have to look past them at times. Good post and welcome to FTSF!

    • We do have to look past some of these things, I agree. I mean this isn’t something we’d break up over, but he does need to do his fair share, I can’t be the only one working, cleaning and homeschooling. And dishes just happen to be a MAJOR pet peeve of mine!

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