Life as a Work at Home Mom – Guest Post Series with Emma Coch

Emma has written a brilliant post today about the obstacles that face us WAHMs everyday. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!

The Obstacles Facing WAHMs

Hello again, readers of Daughter of Maat. Well, such an apt subject for today’s post is about the obstructions to Work At Home Businesses. Today has been a great muse for this post, seeing as it is my birthday today, I have had extra phone calls and visits, on top of all the normal stuff. What this post is all about is a kind work of warning more than anything really, after all, fore warned is fore armed… no, it isn’t really, you will still make some of these mistakes, they are habitual to human beings!

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Researching…Oohh Shiny! 

The perfect example of how Daughter of Maat got distracted when researching other Mommy Bloggers and ended up spending WAY TOO MUCH!

The perfect example of how Daughter of Maat got distracted when researching other Mommy Bloggers and ended up spending WAY TOO MUCH!

Most WAHMs that write some sort of article, whether it be on a blog, freelance or for writing platforms, will find themselves doing research. Research is of course a vital part of the whole business, yet the dangers are many.

For example, if you are researching products, you will without a doubt see something that takes your eye. If you are not careful your hard working research becomes a window shopping spree. Even worse than a window shopping spree, it can become a spend-fest. Not something us WAHMs usually need as we tend to be a frugal bunch.

My warning to you here would be to stay focused. A great way to keep to your task and not wander off is to give yourself a time limit and be strict with yourself.

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It can be quite easy to organize your time if you are so inclined. Although that can be dificult if you are a procrastinator like myself. Either way, you can only control what you do and not what others do.

The problem you will come across is that not everyone will see the building you are working from as your place of work. The neighbor you have always had coffee with will refuse to see your home as a workplace, which causes some issues with your planning.

You will have organized your day in to dealing with the children, doing household chores and working online. You will not have allocated time for nosy Nora who just wants to come round to gossip about what she heard on the school yard.

How do you overcome this situation? You don’t really, you have to be extremely blunt and forceful, tell them that you simply have to get some work done. You will inevitably get the question “Oh what do you do?” which you will feel great about explaining the first few times, yet after a few knocks of “Oh that isn’t a job, it’s a hobby!” you will lose your pizazz for explanations. You will half-heartedly say “Oh I do a bit of writing online!…”

THERE, that is exactly what has got you in this situation. If YOU are explaining your career with little enthusiasm, the person you are trying to gain respect from certainly isn’t going to give it to you. The visitor will simply pick up that it is a hobby you do whilst bored, and they will be a good friend and relieve you of that boredom by visiting you more, gah! Hold your head up high and simply state that you really must get on with work, and that you are running a very tight schedule.

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But networking is good right? Yes and No. You need to network to get your business out there. There is little point in writing if no one is going to see it, and networking does get you a larger audience. The thing is, you are human and if you have human traits, you will get pulled in to the social aspect of networking and people you network with will soon become friends. That is lovely and you are probably wondering why I am even making this an obstacle to your WAHM business, yet it is a massive time absorber without the additional attachment to people.

I am making it an obstacle because you’ll start asking people how they are coping since they lost their cat yesterday or wishing 20 people on your Facebook work profile (yeah, get a separate account for work) happy birthday. I am not saying don’t do that, I love some of the people I have become friends with through work, just do it when you are on your free time, not whilst you are working.

Seriously, by toughening up a little, being more organized and giving yourself a good talking to, you can get a lot more work done and can hit your targets more often.

Thank you for taking the time to read my guest post again, as always it was enjoyable and thought provoking.


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3 comments on “Life as a Work at Home Mom – Guest Post Series with Emma Coch

  1. I guess I am a friendly person and have loved the networking part of this. I can see where it may get in the way at times, but I truly thrive on it and am happy to have gotten to know some many wonderful in writers in the process. Thanks Emma though for sharing and I am truly happy to get an another perspective on this.

    • I love the networking part too, but I also find it very time consuming. I spend more time on social media and answering comments on blogs and HP that I have very little time to write! But it is fun!! 😀

  2. […] Again, I’d like to thank Emma for being kind enough to be a guest blogger here at Mommy Writings, and for sharing her story with us. Her blog can be found at 3 is Family Advice. If you missed her first three posts, they can be found here, here and here. […]

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