Characteristics of a Successful WAHM – Flexibility

You know, I had no idea what I was going to put  in this post until I sat down to write it. Today was the craziest day I’ve had in a long time, and unfortunately, it wasn’t work related.

My mother is crazy. In fact, she’s a crazy bitch to put it bluntly. She’s so bad that I wrote an article on Hubpages that has become my most popular hub! If you want some background on her, I suggest you read that article. This post would be way too long and way off topic for me to explain it here.

However, I will say that she was a very controlling helicopter parent. I had no freedom, and apparently I still don’t.

My mother called my landlord this morning and told her some really crazy shit. It was so insane that my landlord came over to our home and pounded on the door in her bathrobe!!

My mom told her that we had lived in Texas and skipped out on our landlord there. She also said we owed this fictitious person $3,000 and ended up in court over it.


There are a few things wrong with my mom’s story however:

  1. I’ve NEVER lived in Texas, in fact I’ve never been to the state in my life.
  2. I’ve never owed a landlord $3,000 – It was $1700 and Greg’s dad kindly paid it off.
  3. I’ve only been to court once, and it was for a $40 check that bounced because I forgot about it and closed the account. (We were moving to North Carolina and the bank didn’t exist there.)
  4. Did I mention I’ve never stepped foot in Texas?

So my poor landlord, to whom we owe two months rent, freaked out and rushed over here thinking we “skipped out” on her. Now, I take offense to this, mainly because my mother is fucking crazy, but also because we’ve lived in this house for 7 years!!! Why would we leave now? We’ve owed her more than two months rent before and we didn’t “skip out” then. WTF?

Why would I ever leave a place with this kind of a view?

How does this relate to flexibility?

I had to completely change my plans today because I was so pissed off and ridden with anxiety that I couldn’t get any actual work done. So, I didn’t even try.

If I had tried to get anything done, either I would have ended up staring at a blank page for hours, or if I did write anything it would have been shit. So instead of throwing my plan for the day out the window and resolving to be behind in all my work, I decided to push things forward by a day to give my mind time to reset and think through the situation.

I ended up organizing a bunch of stuff, which turned out to be pretty productive. It’s funny, when I feel like life is out of control, I organize something in an effort to regain control. It’s more symbolic, I think, really.

But had I forced myself to get something done, I would have ended up getting frustrated and mad at myself. Then I would’ve ended up taking everything out on Greg and Sam which is what used to happen whenever I would talk to my mom.

But I’ve learned to recognize what happens to me when things like this happen, and that has made me a much more flexible person. I roll with the punches now, so to speak. Life is really good at throwing all of us curve balls.

But for WAHMs, flexibility is even more important. Like I said, had I tried to work, I only would have gotten frustrated and that doesn’t do anyone any good. Kids are going to get into trouble, cars break down, life happens. We as WAHMs need to learn how to take things in stride. If we have a plan for the day, that’s awesome, but it shouldn’t be set in stone. We need to anticipate that next curve ball.

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4 comments on “Characteristics of a Successful WAHM – Flexibility

  1. Flexibility is truly key and have learned that lesson well at this point. Trust me, just when I think I am going to get something done around, just about anything will and can change that plan. So yes I can truly relate to this post in that essence.

  2. Rich Rumple says:

    You do have a very weird mother, to say the least. Nothing like having a built in support system, is there. Hang in there. Surely something will break for you soon. Good luck!

    • Indeed, she’s done this all my life. So I’ve gotten a bit used to it. I tend to just roll my eyes and say “meh” She’s absolutely crazy. But life goes on! lol Hopefully things will get better soon and stay that way. 😀

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