Introducing the “Getting Organized” Series

In my last series, I talked about the five characteristics of a successful WAHM. One of those characteristics was organization.

Organization is important to running any business, but it is vital to a home-based one. For a WAHM, it’s the only way to get everything done and still stay sane.

I’m a freelance writer, and blogging WAHM. I write for several websites including Hubpages, Knoji, Textbroker and Interactmedia. I also maintain this blog and three others:

Vegan Harvest

My Kinect Weight Loss Success Story

Karmic Education

Of course, not all WAHMs are freelance writer/bloggers. So, I’m going to share with you what organizational methods I use in hopes that you can adapt them for your needs.

My main method of organization is a binder system. I have a binder for just about everything including:

  • Home Management
  • Finances
  • Warranties
  • Blogging
  • My Hubby’s Child Support Documents

My most recent project has been my blogging planner which has a divider for each blog that I manage as well as a divider for to-do lists, and web analytics among other things.

I’ve also made a Financial Planner which holds income information, unpaid and paid bills, bank account information and all of our tax information since 2004 organized by year.

The warranties binder holds receipts, warranties and user manuals for all of our expensive purchases like the HDTV, my laptop and the Nikon.

The “Getting Organized” series will include instructions (and lots of pictures) for making your own binders among other things. While I’m getting rid of all the clutter in the house, I’ll share how I’ve organized different areas, and we’ll talk about to – do lists and scheduling work time versus family time.

I hope you find this series helpful. I think it’s going to be a blast, and I can’t wait to get started!

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5 comments on “Introducing the “Getting Organized” Series

  1. This is truly awesome and I must say as much as I pretty much fly by the seat of my pants and don’t have much in the way of a physical paper trail with planning (most is on my computer), I am truly interested in seeing how you do it. So this series sounds like a it has a ton of potential. Thanks really for sharing and look forward to reading more about this now πŸ™‚

  2. Interesting post! It’s great to be organized. πŸ™‚

  3. skywaitress says:

    Oh wow, this is a great series. I look forward to following it because I NEED more organization in my life.

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