Life as a WAHM Guest Post Series – Emma Coch Final Post

Time flies when you’re having fun! Unfortunately, Emma’s last post in this series has snuck up on me! Today she shares advice on some of the common pitfalls many new WAHMs fall into while trying to start their at-home business. I know I have fallen into a couple of these myself, so pay attention!!

I’d like to thank Emma for being my first guest blogger in this series. She has shared some VERY valuable insights and pearls of wisdom and I hope you all have enjoyed her posts as much as I have. So without further ado, here’s Emma:

Hello dear readers. Thank you for being polite enough to read my last guest posts on the lovely Melissa’s blog.

Totally Out of Energy

Being a WAHM is extremely tiring!

I have seriously struggled as to what my last post should be about, I really had to think hard about what it was I really had to impart to you. This after all is my last chance to say anything of worth to you guys, so I want to make it count. So here it is, the largest, most important message I could ever give someone who is starting out in a Work At Home Business.

When you start your new Work At Home Business, whether it is writing, making homemade preserves or something like making jewelry, you will be 100% ecstatic and nose to the grind stone. This is not all bad and you do have to put in much extra effort than any regular day job. You are trying to break through and make your way in a corner of the business world that is getting extremely busy, hard work and standing out are going to be one of few ways you will succeed. What you have to remember though is everything has to have a harmonious balance. The reason us WAHMs are unique is because we cannot simply just run a business and ignore everything else in our lives, we still have to have hold of the helm.

The typical mistake for most WAHMs including myself is trying to procrastinate in other areas of your life, only doing what you have to do, which by the way is still a big order to fill. Yes the children are still taken care of, you will either school them at home or get them to and from school, you will feed and clean them. What you may cut corners on is your share of cooking the meals, cleaning the home and doing the laundry.

If you have an understanding partner who wants to help you, you may be lucky enough to have help in the domestic chores but if that same person is also holding down a full time job, you may be giving them a rod with which to beat you later (metaphorically of course). With that in mind, accept help by all means. After all, you have been looking after children whilst working all day, so you are entitled to have them help with chores. Just make sure they don’t feel they are doing the Lion’s share or it will lead to a lot of resentment for your new career.

If you happen to have a partner that does nothing much in the way of helping you with the domestic chores, you will soon find jobs piling up on you, which will stress you out. The first thing to block your creative flow is stress.

But I am not a marriage counsellor, I am merely stating situations I have experienced and have known others to also experience whilst on this journey. Yet it will affect your work physically and psychologically if you let all other aspects of your life get out of control whilst you set your new business up.

How do I know what I am talking about? You guessed it, I did it! I ignored everything I could get away with doing until it was causing arguments and making my life harder. Stressing over the chores that needed doing meant I was blanking out during my work hours, the guilt surging through me. No matter what I was busying myself with, I felt I should be doing something else. I was being ripped in to mental segments and fulfilling absolutely nothing really. I then suffered from what is known in the industry as “burnout.” I had to step back from work and concentrate on my kids, housework and just rest a bit, which put my business back worse than if I had been more organized and stuck to regimented work hours.

If you want some great tips, just search through the pages of information Melissa has here, as she has already written a great post about how to organize your work life.

I wish you all the best in setting yourself up or with businesses you have already started. Thank you also to Melissa for hosting my guest blogs, you really are a superstar.


Again, I’d like to thank Emma for being kind enough to be a guest blogger here at Mommy Writings, and for sharing her story with us. Her blog can be found at 3 is Family Advice. If you missed her first three posts, they can be found here, here and here.

Tomorrow, will be Janine’s first post. She’s a fantastic blogger from Janine’s Confessions of a Mommy-a-holic and will be our featured guest poster for the month!

If you like this series, please click the banner below, I’d greatly appreciate it!! 😀

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2 comments on “Life as a WAHM Guest Post Series – Emma Coch Final Post

  1. Wonderful advice from Emma and I did the same in the beginning and could very much relate. I am now trying more to balance things out and it truly isn’t easy to do it all. Excited to get to guest post now, too 🙂

    • ddraigcoch says:

      I want to thank you for supporting every post I have written here Janine.
      Love my Bloppy ladies x
      I will eagerly return the favor and check out your upcoming posts.x

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