Getting Organized: My Blogging Planner

Since I manage four blogs, organization is essential! I used to have post it notes and paper all over the place for all of my ideas and memos, but keeping track of all of that for each individual blog just wasn’t working. I read a post about a blogging planner via our Bloppy Bloggers group on Facebook and had the proverbial “AH-HA!!” moment.

I’m quite proud of my blogging planner. It took me awhile to find printables that worked for me, but I think I finally have everything I need. I even got a cute pink three-ring binder to keep everything together! It has to be pretty and functional or I won’t use it!!

My blog planner. I had to make the front page of my planner pretty... if it's not aesthetically pleasing, I won't use it!

I have one tab for each blog:

  • Vegan Harvest
  • Karmic Education
  • My Kinect Weight Loss Success Story
  • Mommy Writings by Daughter of Maat

I actually printed the tabs for each blog in the primary font that I use for the blog’s title. This helps me to remember what font to use on my pictures, although I’ve pretty much got it memorized now. But it looks nice, too.

Each tab is written in the font specific to that blog.

The first tab is my to-do lists. I keep several things behind this tab including my main task list from my home management binder, as well as my goals for the week, and a calendar I use for my other writing obligations. I do this because while I pull out my HMN several times a day, I’m not always in it. My blog planner is open on my desk 24/7. Keeping my master task list in my blog planner ensures that I’ll at least try to get everything done on that list!

I have three different blog planner printables I found online. I use a combination of all three of them for each blog. However, the section for Mommy Writings has only one. This is because the one I chose for Mommy Writings has plenty of room for extra details and since this is my main blog, I need the extra space.

The Mommy Writings planner is awesome because it has several pages for taking notes on possible post ideas as well as a to do list and list of “must write” blog post ideas. The only problem with it is that it’s really thick. I would have had it spiral bound, and next year I probably will, but I decided I wanted to keep all my blogs together and that would have made for a really HUGE spiral bound notebook!

This is what the Mommy Writings planner looks like:

In the back of the planner there’s a tab for “Additional Planning Helps.” This has pages for tracking web analytics, blog states, link ups to participate in, affiliates, and twitter hashtags. It even had extra space for future blog post ideas and notes.

I really like the notes page. I used it to write down all the banner sizes for Facebook, Twitter and my blogs so that when I go to picmonkey, I make the banner the right size and know exactly what I have to work with.

And that, my friends, is how I manage all four of my blogs.

The next post in this series will discuss how I organized our finances into one binder. I’m on a binder kick apparently… ๐Ÿ™‚

Until tomorrow!

Did this post give you ideas for getting your own blog planner together? Let me know in the comments!

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4 comments on “Getting Organized: My Blogging Planner

  1. Very interesting Melissa and most of what I do plan is on my laptop. With the girls, I find I can’t have anything in actual hard copy paper that they can get their hands on (Lily is in a ripping paper phase!). So, for me it is all on my MacBook, but love how you do binders. My thing is is has to work for you and this looks like it indeed does for you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • You’re absolutely right, you have to use what works for you. I never could get into digital planning. Mainly because I love the tactile sensation of writing (I know, its weird). I have to admit, I don’t plan as much as I should, but I still use my blog planner and HMN everyday.

      I remember when Sam was in the paper ripping and scribbling phase. She scribbled out the first page of one of my parenting books and I got so mad lol. Oh well she only did it once thankfully!

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