Getting Organized: Sam’s Homeschooling Binder

Yesterday, we worked on our financial binder.

Today’s post is geared toward the homeschooling mom. I created a homeschooling binder to keep track of all of Sam’s schoolwork so that if the superintendent ever decided she wanted to bang on my door and demand to know what I’m teaching my daughter, I can whip this bad boy out and say “all of this!”

I created a cute title page for the front of the notebook and even made a matching label for the binding. It actually looks pretty cool if I do say so myself.

I used a HUGE binder for her notebook. I’m not sure how big the rings are, but they’re way over three inches (I think).

In the beginning of the notebook, I keep information on homeschooling laws in our state, as well as information on keeping good records and how to do the end of the year testing that I’m so not looking forward to, mainly because I’m afraid it will show Sam’s behind in something (despite all of my planning and preparation). But that’s just my anxiety talking. To combat this anxiety, I decided to use a combination of unschooling and classical education as our curriculum. Because of this, I have the binder divided into several different tabs:

  • Reading
  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Math
  • Science
  • Geography
  • History

These are the tabs of Sam’s Homeschooling notebook.

I keep all of her worksheets (both finished and unfinished) in this binder under their respective tabs.

This is one of Sam’s completed worksheets under her “Reading” tab. I like to let her color in the pictures after she’s done the work as a reward since she just LOVES to color.

We have several “educational” coloring books including:

  • Biology
  • Botany
  • Human Physiology
  • Human Anatomy
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Geography
  • United States
  • Around the World
  • Dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period

I scan all of her coloring books in and print pages off as we need them. This allows her to color the pages as many times as she wants (and allows me to use the coloring book too!). Once she completes a page, I put the date on it and file it under it’s respective tab. Sam loves to color, so she learns quite well using these coloring books despite the fact that they are considered to be for adults!

I have no idea why she colored the birds yellow, but after she colors the parts the instructions tell her to, I let her color the rest of the page anyway she wants while I quiz her on what she’s learned.

In the very back is a smaller divider labeled “colorings” for all of Sam’s fun coloring book pages.  She has several “fun” coloring books including:

  • Dragons
  • Butterflies
  • Flowers

Each one of these coloring books has an informational passage about the page, so even though it’s fun, she’s still learning!

Since we’re using the book The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise, we have several workbooks that were recommended for history, spelling, writing, and grammar. I like the workbook idea because I can store them in banker’s boxes at the end of the year. I’m not sure how long I have to keep her schoolwork, but I doubt I’ll be getting rid of it anytime soon. The workbooks are a physical record of what she’s accomplished. Talk about easy record keeping!

In addition to the homeschooling notebook, I created a curriculum notebook.

I love the pink and blue on this title page, the leopard print I’m on the fence about lol

I don’t know what it is, but I’m obsessed with pink lately. I just bought a cover for my Kindle that’s hot pink, my blogging planner is pink, and I just crocheted a tea bag cozy in pink. I’ve never liked pink, and blue is actually my favorite color, so I have no idea what the deal is with pink at the moment.

I also created my own planning pages. I had a hard time finding lesson plan pages that had big enough squares to fit in everything I wanted to get in there. I can actually write pretty small, but even so, I still ran out of room quickly. So, I found  a pre-made table that I could edit in word and then I added some pretty designs to it (yup, it’s gotta be pretty), changed up the font a bit, and labeled it with all of Sam’s subjects and the days of the week. This is what it looks like:

I don’t know if you can see it, but I added a little butterfly on the page in the middle as well.

I also added some journaling pages so that I can take notes on what Sam does well and what her weaknesses are. Yet again, they had to be pretty. I found them over at Confessions of a Homeschooler, a website that also had one of the blog planners I use.

There’s a couple different patterns for these journaling pages, and you can make the whole thing into a booklet if you want, or have it spiral bound like a real journal.

I also added a tab in the back for pages that Sam is currently working on since I print her worksheets on both sides of the paper. Hey, it saves paper, money and the Earth!

And, that is how I organized all of my daughter’s homechooling work. I’m actually quite proud of it, and I spent most of the day putting it all together. (The curriculum planner especially, the pages were hard to print on both sides without screwing it up).

Tomorrow, we’ll talk a bit about the warranty/owner’s manual binder I’ve put together. Although, it is still a work in progress.

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5 comments on “Getting Organized: Sam’s Homeschooling Binder

  1. This is great and as a teacher you are very detailed and love it. Really Melissa, if a superintendent did knock on your door, you truly are all set. Great job yet again!! 🙂

    • Thanks Janine! It really makes me feel good to know that if the superintendent ever did stop by we’re covered. Sam really loves homeschooling, and I really enjoy teaching her. I love the lesson planner too, it’s just so pretty! lol

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