We’re Sending Sam to Boarding School…

Not really, but this was the conversation we had yesterday evening and I thought it was pretty funny.

Sam: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….. (Sam pretending her pen is a sonic screwdriver from the show Dr. Who)

She doesn’t look like it, but she can be a total dork!

Mel: DAAAADDY… Sam’s being a dork!

Greg: should we send her off to boarding school?

Mel: oh that’s mean…SAAAMM, daddy wants to send you to boarding school….

Sam: Daddy, that’s mean

Greg: Do you even know what boarding school is?

Sam: a school where you learn about boarding?


Kid’s say the cutest things don’t they? I burst out laughing when I heard that. But then I thought…

Greg went to boarding school…

Personally, I think boarding school is for parents who just don’t want to deal with their kids, and unfortunately this was actually the case with Greg’s parents.

Or at least that’s the impression I get.

Greg has really bad ADHD. I have it too, but it’s much easier for me to control. I didn’t know I had it when I was a kid, but I had all the symptoms except the hyperactivity. I became very adept at controlling myself as a child because my parents, okay my mom, was a bitch.

No really, I can say that, she really was a bitch, still is actually. I’d go into the whole story, but it’s easier if you just read the article I already wrote if you want the gory details.

Suffice it to say, my mother was very controlling, and I became adept at “staying inline” to keep my mother from screaming at me.

That bitch can scream!

See… total dork!

I would do everything in my power to avoid her fits of screaming. Living with her involved constantly walking on eggshells and sleeping until 12pm or 1pm in the afternoon on weekends. Just to avoid hearing her yell at dad for shit that happened 40, 45 years ago.

Greg, on the other hand, had… different parents. Not to say they didn’t discipline him, but his mom sort of, how do I put this delicately… babied him? Instead of giving him confidence, and teaching him how to cope with ADHD, she took him to millions (ok a few) doctors and had bazillions (okay, lots) of tests done on him to find out what was “wrong.” There’s nothing wrong with him.


But an 8 or 9 year old whose constantly taken to doctors and tested (understandably) starts to think there is something wrong with him. Then they send him off to boarding school…

See what I mean?

Because they couldn’t “fix” him, they sent him off to a high school that they figured could fix him. And that just made things worse.

He rebelled, did poorly at his studies, pissed off his teachers, and generally just didn’t give a shit. Unfortunately, this has seeped into his adult life. But that’s another blog post.

Sam has really, really bad ADHD. It’s actually one of the main reasons I homeschool her.

One of the hallmarks of ADHD is high intelligence. Not to brag, but my IQ is over 150, which makes me a good example. Greg’s is up there as well, and he even admits that he was never challenged in school. Neither was I, I sort of just coasted through high school, but I kept my grades up because my mother would have given birth to some huge fucking animal had I come home with anything less than a B-.  (I did get a D once… NEVER AGAIN I told myself… I didn’t hear the end of it for months…).

Homeschooling Sam… here she’s coloring her page on digestion. We did it together, and she had a BLAST!

Sam would have the same problem. If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll remember me saying how she colored a page out of an adult anatomy coloring book and actually learned something from it. She’s brilliant, and because of that, I know she’d have a horrible time in an actual classroom setting.

I do add in elements of a classical education, and as I said in an earlier post, I have a homeschool notebook for all her work as well as a lesson planner. But we also do a bit of “unschooling” where she essentially leads the way.

I’ve been very pleasantly surprised at the things she has asked to learn about, like chemistry, and physics. She finds science fascinating and loves art, so I use that to my advantage. I also know she can’t sit still for more than 20 minutes (maybe 30 if I bribe her) before her brain just can’t take it anymore and she starts to really fidget.

A classroom teacher has too many kids to supervise to be able to know all that about my little girl.

Greg’s mother was a teacher, and apparently had too much of a “classroom” mindset to consider homeschooling. But I think Greg would have done very well in that setting. He’s even admitted as much.

So, no teaching Sam about boarding….

See, I totally went off on a tangent… Told you I had ADHD…


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Today is a Test Day!

Yup. Human Physiology test. The first one of three.

I’m taking this class “Intro to Human Physiology” on Coursera. The class itself is taught by two professors at Duke University.


I’m REALLY enjoying the class.

But I HATE taking tests.

I suck at them! I mean come on, I failed the written test for my driver’s license the first time I took it. Seriously!

Which reminds me, I have to renew my driver’s license this week, and I have to take the vision test. They can also make me retake the written test as well as the driving test. Maybe I should have said this is a test week…

I also had to take a fitness test on my new exergame Nike Kinect Training.

Yup, total EPIC FAIL.

Although, surprisingly, I’m more athletic than the average 30 – 39 year old woman…

That makes me feel like a big bowl of awesomesauce….

Ya, I also have this bridge to sell, it’s Golden, and really nice. Lots of traffic…. great view….

At least I finally got a workout in, but I digress.

I have been studying all weekend, listening to lectures, and coloring. Yes, you read that right, coloring. I have a human physiology coloring book that I purchased over a year ago for Sam’s homeschooling (I know, it’s a bit advanced, but it’s for when she’s a bit older and I’ll be explaining it to her anyway…).

Like all my coloring books, I scanned it so that I can print out pages as I need them. Well, I found that the coloring book coincides exactly with the course I’m taking. I must have printed off 20 pages. That’s printed on both sides…

My fingers are KILLING me! I didn’t realize coloring could hurt so much.

The good news is, it has actually helped me to understand the material better. I have no idea why, but it worked. I’m assuming that’s why Sam really likes it when I give her pages to color like the biology page we did on the different kingdoms.

I have until the 25th to finish the test, so I’m going to get in some extra coloring studying today and tomorrow and try to take the test on Wednesday. That’s the plan anyway. I’ll let you know how that works out…

I hope my fingers hold out that long.

Two other classes that I signed up for started today including a writing class and a course on ADHD. What’s really cool about this whole thing is even if I don’t take the tests, or even finish the course, I can download all the lecture videos and notes to my computer and watch them whenever I want. Talk about convenient!

At the end of each course, you get a certificate of completion signed by the instructor. You can pay to get a nice certificate that has the university’s seal on it as well as the instructors signature, but it’s about $100.

On top of taking the class, I’ve been doing a million other things including crocheting stuff to sell on Etsy, and finishing up a cross stitch project I’ve been working on, not to mention homeschooling Sam.

I wish I got paid for doing all of this! I’d be a fucking millionaire!! Maybe even a billionaire!!

Hey, I can dream.

Until tomorrow my friends… Unless I fail the test…

Then I’ll just be moping…

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Introducing the “Getting Organized” Series

In my last series, I talked about the five characteristics of a successful WAHM. One of those characteristics was organization.

Organization is important to running any business, but it is vital to a home-based one. For a WAHM, it’s the only way to get everything done and still stay sane.

I’m a freelance writer, and blogging WAHM. I write for several websites including Hubpages, Knoji, Textbroker and Interactmedia. I also maintain this blog and three others:

Vegan Harvest

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First Day With Camera – Already up to My Knees in Shit

I mean that literally, too.

So I got the Nikon today… I LOVE IT!!! OMG!! But I totally ended up in some shit with it…

Greg was kind enough to take Sam with him to the store. Just before they left, UPS stopped by with my much anticipated package! Greg stayted for the unwrapping and then left shortly after I plugged in the battery. Once the battery was charged,

I decided to go out and play with my new toy.

I was trying to take a picture of these gorgeous purple weeds flowers. I took them with our point and shoot camera and they came out pretty good. Here’s the photo for reference:

Right so I’m taking a photo of these flowers again and since the Nikon has a 55mm lens on it, I can get a helluva lot closer. Unfortunately, I needed to steady myself. Without thinking about it, I put my knee down so that I could rest my elbow on it to get the shot. Continue reading

A Sink Full of Dirty Dishes = Insanity

This is my first Finish The Sentence Friday, but the prompt for this one was just irresistible! So here are the rules for FTSF:

“I get so frustrated when…”

Next week’s sentence to finish: ”Speaking from experience, I’m going to give you a little advice on…”

And, now the good stuff:

I get so frustrated when the dishes are allowed to pile up in the sink or clutter (including dirty laundry and toys) is allowed to accumulate on the floor, and I’m trying to get some work done.  I love Greg to death, but he has one nasty habit that drives me INSANE. He procrastinates doing anything. No, I mean he procrastinates procrastinating. Continue reading

It’s Official I’m the Poud New Owner of A…

Nikon D5100!!

The Nikon D5100We finally got our refund today, and after paying all the bills (whew!!) I had to decide between the Canon EOS Rebel T3i, or the Nikon D5100.  I chose the Nikon based on the information available on their website. Surprisingly, they had quite a bit more available versus the Canon website. I was actually a bit disappointed, because the information I really wanted (whether or not the Rebel captured audio) wasn’t blatantly available. On the Nikon website, all of the D5100 features were clearly spelled out. Plus, Nikon had a lot of multimedia showing this camera in use. Their spec sheet was very well laid out, and it was generally just easier to find information quickly because their site was more organized (and more in depth).

I also chose the Nikon because of my experience with it in ophthalmology. When it comes to ophthalmic photography, the Nikon has the better camera. It’s more user friendly, and it’s easier for beginners to capture clear images on the first shot. Canon’s on the other hand are a bit more obnoxious. Continue reading

Blogging and Photography

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’ve been playing around with photography a bit lately. Well, there’s actually a reason for this. I recently read a post called “You Asked: Thoughts and Tips on Blogging” on one of my favorite blogs by Jen Jones:


I heart iheart organizing. It’s an awesome blog about… yup… organizing.

One of the things she mentions in her post on blogging tips is photography and how it can make or break a post. One of the main things I learned is that bigger is actually better. I know, weird right?

I used to put pictures on the side of my posts and let the text wrap around, but I looked through her blog, and several others (like Dooce, and the Bloggess, you know the ones who are actually really successful and make a living blogging) and I found that all of their pictures are huge, and crystal clear.

Like this:

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