I Got Fired From ChaCha

My Termination Letter from ChaCha

Seriously? I’m still in shock.

I got an email a couple days ago that told me my employment with ChaCha was being terminated. No explanation why, just “we’re terminating your contract.” Now, I know I shouldn’t feel bad, I was only getting paid a penny per answer. But when I read the email, I got the same feeling I had gotten when I was fired from other jobs. I really should be happy about it, all it did was distract me while I was trying to write, and it created more problems than it was worth. Plus, now I don’t have to deal with all the stupid questions about sex and kids sending in their homework questions. Continue reading

I Work for ChaCha


The homescreen for ChaCha

So, in my urgent efforts to supplement our income, I’ve started working for a number of different websites. One of which is ChaCha. You know, the company that you can text, call or visit on the web and ask any question you want and get an answer? Yes, that ChaCha.

A while back, ChaCha was hiring vetters, and I applied thinking it would be something I could do while watching TV, or writing blog posts and it might make an extra few bucks a month. I applied and was accepted and then forgot about it for awhile.

I recently just went through the preliminary test (and passed WooHoo!!). I started working, “vetting” questions. A question comes in, and I have to choose the right answer out of a huge selection of random answers that have previously been given for the same or similar questions. I get a penny per question I answer, and I end up making about $1.00 a day depending on how fast the questions come in and how long I work on it. Plus, I can also get my writing done at the same time. It’s a decent income, for what I do. It pays for gas at least, but… Continue reading