Life as a WAHM Series – Guest Janine Huldie Offers Some Advice

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Once again, Janine is back! WOOHOO!!! I love her posts. I find them so inspiring! Today, Janine is kind enough to share with us some advice on getting started as a WAHM as well as on some of the things we may forget about in the beginning, like taxes!

So grab a green beer, and enjoy Janine’s post!

Janine’s Advice

Janine's HP Profile

Janine’s Hubpages Profile

“Rome wasn’t built in day!”  I heard this some many times over the years, but will be honest no truer statement can be spoken when one decides to become a WAHM.  There isn’t one easy formula to actually becoming a WAHM.  But when you do make this decision, you will learn quickly that you will have many options and probably be a bit overwhelmed, too.  So, I will try to give you some pointers from what I have gone through from the beginning of my WAHM trek.

Where better to start than at the beginning.  So when I first started this journey, I thought I would write for one site (Hubpages) and see where it took me.  And at first this worked just fine for me, but then I yearned for more than that.  I also tried my hand at content mills and this too left me feeling like I needed so much more.  It wasn’t until, I began blogging that I found my true passion.  This led me to writing an actual book.  Granted even though the book is written I still need to edit and I am no where near done with that yet!

And even with blogging, I have tweaked my content, as well as advertising and even doing sponsored posts/giveaways.  Trust me, I am still evaluating what works here and what doesn’t as I write this.  The point is being a WAHM gives you a wealth of opportunities, but it also leaves one like I just stated constantly evaluating the job you are performing as in what you can do better and what might not be working at all.

Also, even though I write online there are so many opportunities and not just to write.  I know many who have businesses where they sell a product or service, whether it be their own personal website, through Etsy or even on Ebay.  The decision is yours, but make sure you are utilizing your best talents.  If you are crafty, then you may very well want to do something that uses and plays on those talents.

The next thing you will definitely take into play is time management.  If you are a parent like I am you will also probably have to work around your children’s schedules.  Working online is not like working outside the home, whether you work in an office retail or any other place of business.

When you work at home, yes you can set your own schedule, but you may find that you are working many more hours than if you were just working a typical 9 to 5 job.  Trust me, I have been there and I have had to learn how to balance my work and my life, too.  And this too is still a something I quite frankly struggle with, because I am truly dedicated and love writing.  However, I do constantly now remind myself to step away from time-to-time, because I have a life, too and I don’t want it to go on without me.

Another consideration being a WAHM is that you need to have some sort of book keeping to keep track of your income and expenses, too.  I found great resources online for this here and modified it for myself.  You don’t want to be caught come tax season with your pants metaphorically down!!  I was able to purchase the book Your Blogging Business to help break it all down for me.  And the best part it is deductible on your income taxes, because it is an expense.  You may not be making much in the beginning, but still you need to start somewhere and this is a good place to begin.

There is probably more that goes into working from home, but these are the tips that come to mind for me that seem to be the essentials for anyone just starting this journey.

My final words are good luck and hope this has helped break being a WAHM down just slightly.

Thank you Janine! These are some excellent tips!

Thanks for reading, and once again I’d like to wish everyone:

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day!!

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You gotta want it…

and you gotta want it bad.

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You gotta want it…

and you gotta want it bad.

I have the perfect example.

For the past two days, I have been resurrecting my other three blogs by adding headers, social media buttons (like the new ones on this blog to the right, like ’em?), changing the layout, and pretty much giving them a complete overhaul. I even changed the focus of one of them.

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For the work at home mom (WAHM), this need to do everything is even greater. We want to run a business, take care of our families and have a spotless house all at the same time. But usually, one or more of these areas suffers from neglect.

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AP Alum

I have an AP Alum badge and my profile now says Apprenticeship Alum! YAY!!

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Publishing eight hubs a month, and writing for three other websites and a blog is extremely difficult. I, frankly, don’t know how I did it, but I’m glad I did. I know have access to all the lessons from the past six months, so I can actually go back through at my own pace.

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How I Started My Career as a WAHM

I’ve been a WAHM for a little over a year now, and wow has it been a crazy one! I have to say, I’ve enjoyed it for the most part, but I do miss my career.

I spent 16 years as an ophthalmic technician. In English, that means I spent eight hours a day performing eye exams on patients. I would check their vision, pressures, glasses prescription and dilate them before they saw the ophthalmologist. I thoroughly enjoyed my career, and if I may say so:

I was DAMN good at my job.

But the office politics zapped the joy right out of it, and it became just a paycheck. I began to dread waking up and going to work because the doctor I worked for had absolutely no integrity, and that is something I just can’t deal with. Integrity is my #1 value, and I will not sacrifice it for a paycheck or anything else. That’s just how it is. Continue reading

Just Another One of Those Days

Another Gloomy Day

As if I needed more problems at the moment.

Greg’s unemployment is on hold until they verify his workman’s comp settlement. You know, the state will do anything to get out of paying a claim.

So, rent is late again, and we’ll have to pay the $108 late fee that our landlord will be charged for being late on the mortgage. You know, because we have an extra $108 just laying around for no reason. Let’s not forget about the bills I still have to pay, like car insurance, phone etc. It just keeps getting better and better.

But at least we’re not being evicted.

This means I’m going to have to write 24/7 to make the bills. I told Greg I need help. I need time to write, and the house still needs to be cleaned, stuff needs to get listed on ebay, and Sam needs to be homeschooled. Unfortunately, Greg and Sam are going to have to temporarily take on more than their fair share this month. Since they haven’t been doing much lately, this should make up for it. No, I’m not bitter, why do you say that? Continue reading

New Directions

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The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Photo by SatyrTN CC BY SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Photo by SatyrTN CC BY SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Thank you!

To everyone who kept us in their thoughts and prayers.  Apparently, someone heard them.

Yesterday, we were told a settlement had been reached in regards to Greg’s workman’s comp case. Although I can’t go into any details until the case is completely closed, I can say we’re getting an advance that will keep us from getting evicted. Continue reading

I Got Fired From ChaCha

My Termination Letter from ChaCha

Seriously? I’m still in shock.

I got an email a couple days ago that told me my employment with ChaCha was being terminated. No explanation why, just “we’re terminating your contract.” Now, I know I shouldn’t feel bad, I was only getting paid a penny per answer. But when I read the email, I got the same feeling I had gotten when I was fired from other jobs. I really should be happy about it, all it did was distract me while I was trying to write, and it created more problems than it was worth. Plus, now I don’t have to deal with all the stupid questions about sex and kids sending in their homework questions. Continue reading