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The ENOUGH Campaign

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The ENOUGH Campaign. Another brilliant idea by Julie DeNeen.

What exactly is the ENOUGH Campaign you ask? Julie, someone I consider a friend, and who is also a fellow freelance writer and hubber, found a photo by Maria Kang on Facebook the other day. She wrote a blog post on it, which I think might have gone viral. 😉

Maria Kang created a so-called “motivational” meme of her and her three kids. The caption was less than motivating and insinuated that women who don’t look like her make excuses for being overweight. But I don’t want to go into that here, you can read all about it on Julie’s blog.

The ENOUGH Campaign is for those of us women who are sick and tired of being pummeled with photo after photo of “normal moms” that have skinny, perfectly ripped bodies. Hollywood has created this image of what a woman should look like, and it’s absolutely disgusting. Continue reading