The Return of the Anal Retentive Organizing WAHM

Return of the HMN

The Return of the Anal Retentive Organizing WAHM

Since November was so hectic for me (since getting fired from ChaCha and all), I’ve decided to plan the crap out of December. This is my fifth month of the Hubpages apprenticeship, and last month I really felt like I was just “phoning it in.” I put a lot of work into my hubs, don’t get me wrong, but it just didn’t feel like it was my best work.

The whole month I felt completely overwhelmed. I still do to a certain extent. It was a horrible feeling, but I’ve taken back some of the control, at least in my mind. I’ve been organizing everything. I rearranged my desk, and de-cluttered it, which has made it much easier for me to write. I’m also keeping track of all my copy writing jobs and their deadlines.

My Home Management Notebook was put off to the side for awhile. I think this contributed to my stress last month because I was completely disorganized. I’m now back to planning my weeks, and days. I’m re-starting my meal planning this week as well.

I need to learn to prioritize, however. Deciding what to do first isn’t the hard part, actually starting the prioritizing process is the difficult part. For some reason, I can get everything on a to do list, but I never prioritize it, which means my most important work doesn’t get done right away. I just end up going down the list in the order I wrote it.

But at least I’m getting stuff done and not forgetting anything!

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