Staying Motivated to Write in the Midst of Crisis

Frits Ahlefeldt PD, via Public Domain Pictures

Like most of you know, things have been pretty chaotic in my life. What I have found the most difficult about being a WAHM is staying motivated and being able to write when things get really bad. For example:

  • The threat of eviction really doesn’t do much for helping me get past writer’s block.
  • Having to write for content mills just to keep the lights on has a tendency to rob one of their creativity.
  • Having to clean the house, and purge clutter doesn’t leave much time for writing or anything else.
  • Trying to find time to homeschool, write, clean and fit in some down-time can quickly lead to a cluttered mind.

It’s not easy to stay motivated. In fact, I’ve awoken some mornings to find that I’m completely devoid of any motivation to do anything. All I want to do is sit on the couch and veg all day. That’s probably my brain telling me I need a rest.

Listen brain, I don’t have time to rest. I need to write. Continue reading

Hub of the Day… Finally!

Hub of the Day

My Hub of the Day Award. YAY!!!

I, finally, got Hub of the Day (HOTD)!! WOOHOO!!!! YAY!!! Four months in the apprenticeship program has really paid off! What a reward for all my hard work. You should have heard me when I saw my hub on the side of my Hubpages Feed Page!! I squealed!!! I was so happy, I’m still riding the high!! I was beginning to get a bit depressed and losing motivation for my writing on Hubpages because of the traffic losses recently (thanks Google). But this has renewed at least my motivation.

HOTD does wonders for your traffic, although it’s a shame it isn’t coming from Google. I’m sure it will start to slow down tomorrow, although my hub will be featured on the Hubpages Homepage for 9 days. I’m hoping all the popularity might increase my rank with Google. Notice I said hoping…

I’ve been writing for Hubpages since January of this year (2012) and had yet to get HOTD until today. Even my hubby got the Rising Star Award after only authoring two hubs!! Needless to say how jealous and ticked off I was. I’d put in all this effort, even applied for and got accepted to the apprenticeship, and my husband, the one who has no grammar skills whatsoever, gets Rising Star… Really?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really proud of him, I was more mad at myself. I kept asking myself what I did wrong. Why wasn’t my work good enough? Although I refused to give up, I was getting to the point where my heart just wasn’t in it. I found myself writing for Knoji and Textbroker more, and ended up having to scramble to finish my 8 hubs for the month of October. This HOTD was one of those hubs. Go figure!

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If at First You Don’t Suceed… Fail Epically

I was inspired by Julie DeNeen and her recent post Go Big or Go Home to write this, mainly because I wrote some really great quotes in my comment. 😀 No, seriously, her post was actually quite inspirational.

“People are too afraid to push themselves beyond what they perceive as their potential.”

That was my first awesome quote.

But why is that? Why do we have a set “potential?” Why do parents stunt their child’s development by telling them to “reach their full potential?” We should all desire to push past, WAY past, that potential. What’s wrong with being a society full of overachievers? We’d have every disease known to man cured, world peace (or domination, whatever) and we’d be a very different human race.

“If you don’t fail, you can’t succeed, and if you’re going to fail, you might as well fail epically!” Continue reading