A Reminder of Mortality

In Memory of Those Who Have Been Lost

Click here to learn more about what you can do to help the victim’s families in their time of need.


With everything going on in our lives, it’s so easy to forget how fleeting life is, and then something like a school shooting in Newton, Ct happens and we’re not only overwhelmed with grief, but also by the thought that our loved ones could be snatched out of existence instantly.

My heart goes out to these families who have been affected by this terrible and senseless act of violence. It is always difficult to lose a child, but with Christmas only 10 days away, I can’t imagine what these families are going through.

A friend and fellow blogger Amy Landisman has a friend who lost her youngest son in this tragedy. Our Bloppy Bloggers Facebook group is taking donations for the family to help with the costs of the funeral. While I can’t donate myself because of recent events, I felt compelled to do something, so I’m writing this post to offer my condolences and sympathy as well as provide a link for anyone who can and would like to donate. Julie DeNeen is hosting the donation on her Fabulous Blogging site. If you’re able (I know times are tough for everyone), please give what you can.

I Offer My Sincere Condolences and Sympathies to Everyone and Anyone Affected by this Terrible Tragedy.

The thought of this kind of tragedy really reinforces my decision to homeschool, but it also reminds me that Sam and Greg could be taken from me at anytime, regardless of whether I homeschool or not. It’s the world we live in now, and it’s frightening how violent it has become.