Getting Organized: My Blogging Planner

Since I manage four blogs, organization is essential! I used to have post it notes and paper all over the place for all of my ideas and memos, but keeping track of all of that for each individual blog just wasn’t working. I read a post about a blogging planner via our Bloppy Bloggers group on Facebook and had the proverbial “AH-HA!!” moment.

I’m quite proud of my blogging planner. It took me awhile to find printables that worked for me, but I think I finally have everything I need. I even got a cute pink three-ring binder to keep everything together! It has to be pretty and functional or I won’t use it!!

My blog planner. I had to make the front page of my planner pretty... if it's not aesthetically pleasing, I won't use it!

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Blogger/Freelancer Organization

My Home Management Binder

The writing tab in my HMN has all my blog planning sheets, goals and ideas.

If you didn’t know by now, I’m an organization junkie. I absolutely adore my home management binder. It’s an addiction really. It has everything in it, grocery lists, monthly menus, to-do lists, calendars, and all my writing stuff. I’m forever planning my days, weeks, and months. I actually enjoy it, and find it rather relaxing.

I’m also constantly searching for new and better planning pages. I’ve found the perfect blogging planner page, but for all my other freelance writing work, I have yet to find something that works for me. Until recently that is.

On my usual surf for awesome HMN pages, I was specifically looking for something to help me organize all my deadlines. I finally found something that I really liked, and it was FREE (I love free)! The site is called Productive Flourishing and their free freelancing planner pages can be found here. These pages are amazing. I’ve had to finagle how I use them, but I’ve adapted them pretty well for my needs.

…and now…

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