Getting Organized: My Blogging Planner

Since I manage four blogs, organization is essential! I used to have post it notes and paper all over the place for all of my ideas and memos, but keeping track of all of that for each individual blog just wasn’t working. I read a post about a blogging planner via our Bloppy Bloggers group on Facebook and had the proverbial “AH-HA!!” moment.

I’m quite proud of my blogging planner. It took me awhile to find printables that worked for me, but I think I finally have everything I need. I even got a cute pink three-ring binder to keep everything together! It has to be pretty and functional or I won’t use it!!

My blog planner. I had to make the front page of my planner pretty... if it's not aesthetically pleasing, I won't use it!

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Getting Organized for WAHMs Just Getting Started

My blog planner which contains my plans for upcoming posts, my blogging business plan and my weekly task list from my HMN.

One of the downfalls of being a mom is the innate urge to be superwoman. We try to do everything, and unfortunately, we just can’t.

For the work at home mom (WAHM), this need to do everything is even greater. We want to run a business, take care of our families and have a spotless house all at the same time. But usually, one or more of these areas suffers from neglect.

As most of you know, I’m fairly new to the whole WAHM arena. I’ve been doing this for a little over a year, and I’ve only been seriously blogging for about six months. Even so, I’ve learned a great deal about the most efficient ways to run a freelance writing business, clean a home and homeschool a child during those six months. Although, I’m far from an expert.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that it is imperative to stay organized! 

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Mommy Writing Organization

The front page of my HMN

If you’re a regular reader, you know how much I LOVE to organize! I’ve rearranged my desk I don’t know how many times in the past few weeks. It seems every time I have writer’s block, I end up cleaning my desk, or the kitchen, or vacuuming etc.

If you haven’t already, you may want to read my post on my Home Management Notebook. I have found my HMN to be indispensable. It has helped me keep the bills, chores, and even my writing in order. I’ve saved quite a bit on groceries too by using the menu planners I’ve found.

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The Home Management Notebook

My Weekly Planner Page

My favorite weekly planner page in my HMN.

There was such an overwhelming response to my last post on organization, that I thought it only fair to follow it up with a few more tips, and examples on how I organize my stuff. Again, I’m addicted  to organizing.

The Home Management Notebook. For those of you who have no earthly idea what I’m talking about, this is a notebook (usually a three-ring binder) that holds all the information a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) needs to run her household. I’ve tweaked mine a bit to also fit my new freelance writing career, as well as run my home.

Since I do have a hub on the subject, this won’t really be a how-to, but I will share some of my favorite pages, and give you a list of stuff you’ll need (and may want) to create your own HMN.

I have to say a few words about my HMN though. It’s probably the one thing that has really turned around my life as a SAHM. When I first left my career in ophthalmology, I had a hard time acclimating to the change in job responsibilities. I was completely overwhelmed. Then, I read an article about a home management notebook (also called a home management binder), and it instantly appealed to my analytical and routine nature. (Anyone ever notice that the word anal is the first four letters of analytical? But, I digress…)

Anyway, long story short, my HMN grew from a small 1 inch three-ring binder with a few dividers to a 2.5 inch 3 ring binder with see-through, color-coded dividers with pockets, and subdividers and more planning pages than you have ever seen in one book. I use it constantly and it has a spot on my desk right next to my laptop. Continue reading

Blogger/Freelancer Organization

My Home Management Binder

The writing tab in my HMN has all my blog planning sheets, goals and ideas.

If you didn’t know by now, I’m an organization junkie. I absolutely adore my home management binder. It’s an addiction really. It has everything in it, grocery lists, monthly menus, to-do lists, calendars, and all my writing stuff. I’m forever planning my days, weeks, and months. I actually enjoy it, and find it rather relaxing.

I’m also constantly searching for new and better planning pages. I’ve found the perfect blogging planner page, but for all my other freelance writing work, I have yet to find something that works for me. Until recently that is.

On my usual surf for awesome HMN pages, I was specifically looking for something to help me organize all my deadlines. I finally found something that I really liked, and it was FREE (I love free)! The site is called Productive Flourishing and their free freelancing planner pages can be found here. These pages are amazing. I’ve had to finagle how I use them, but I’ve adapted them pretty well for my needs.

…and now…

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