I Think Murphy Took a Day Off!

I’ve had a migraine for 2 days, and it’s not showing any signs of letting up anytime soon.

However, I actually woke up to some good news today:

  • Quite a few of our items sold on eBay, including a few things that I thought would never sell!

The best news I received though is:

  • I got my four-star rating back on Textbroker!! YA WOOHOO!! 😀

    Our Old Huge TV

    Our Old Huge TV

Today was also quite productive. We got the old, ugly entertainment center out of the bedroom, along with the old tube TV we had before we got our HDTV. I also cleaned my desk, and it is even more clutter free than it was when I cleaned it the last time.

The only problem with this productive day? Since my hubby can’t lift the TV because of his hernia, I had to do it. It’s a 27″ huge CRT TV.

About 6 months ago, I was able to lift that TV with absolutely NO problem. Today, I was able to lift it from the stand it was on, but I was too weak to hold it for very long. In fact, I almost dropped the damn thing on my foot.

That REALLY sucks.

But, surprisingly, it didn’t depress me. If anything, I think it helped motivate me. During that 18 months I was working out, I found myself doing it for strength, endurance and weight loss. I wasn’t doing it to look the way society thinks I should (even though its kind of an unavoidable side effect). I actually enjoyed the strength I had. I could lift something heavy without the fear of pulling a muscle of giving myself a hernia.

So why am I bringing this up? This isn’t a fitness blog (although I do have one of those)…

I know there are a lot of other moms out there in the same or similar situations that may cause their motivation to wane. And you know what, motivation is really difficult to get back once its gone. We all have a different way of motivating ourselves, and my mind has a funny way of showing how much it cares!

My mind turned what could have been a very depressing situation into something that pushed me, and ultimately motivated me. But it did it by calling me names… As I was lifting the TV, my subconscious mind screams:



With friends like that who needs enemies, right?

Ironically, the same thing would happen when I worked out. It’s apparently how I pushed myself. And it worked. I always ended up doing more than I could, or even should have for that matter.

But you have to be motivated in order to push yourself, and with everything else going on, I’m really not motivated to do anything (except go to Walgreens and pick up my happy pills…). But for some reason… calling myself a weakling sparked a small flame of motivation.

Then again, so did getting some of our clutter cleaned up, getting my rating back at Textbroker, making a few bucks on eBay and getting my desk cleaned up:

Clutter Free!

YAY! Clutter Free!!!

I even had room to put a candle!

So clean! I even found a place for my Home Management Notebook!

So clean! I even found a place for my Home Management Notebook!

This little spark of motivation gave me the jolt I needed to get my head in the game and get some shit done. I created a list of all the chores we need to do to get the house cleaned up for the inspection (although I’m still adding to it), and tomorrow I’ll be working on a schedule that gets everyone in the house on same page and organized. It will include time for working out, writing, homeschooling, and even some recreational activities.

I’m thinking Murphy took the day off, today because we were so productive. I’m hoping he took a really long vacation, but I don’t want to jinx myself.

Getting come of the clutter out of the bedroom really helped renew my energy. I was actually getting really depressed.

Although things still aren’t perfect (will they ever be?), having a productive day really made a difference. For some reason, checking things off my to-do list has a tendency to lift my spirits. I know, weird right?

We still have a ton of clutter to go through, and lots of stuff to list on eBay. We also have bills that need paying, and we’re still waiting on unemployment among other things. But at least there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Getting back into a routine will also make a big difference (for me more so than the rest of the family).

Until tomorrow my friends – since it’s about 06:00 am here… and I have yet to go to sleep 😀

Oh well! I’ll leave you with a couple more pics..

I'm Just So Happy With My Desk

I’m Just So Happy With My Desk

The wall in our bedroom where the ugly entertainment center was. You can see all the clutter we still have to get rid of! lol

The wall in our bedroom where the ugly entertainment center was. You can see all the clutter we still have to get rid of! lol


6 comments on “I Think Murphy Took a Day Off!

  1. So very happy Murphy did take the day off and hope that he takes a very long vacation. I think it is totally awesome that things are getting back on track and am sure you will find a happy medium on all that you want to get accomplished right now. I know you can do it!! 🙂 🙂

  2. ttoombs08 says:

    I hope this streak keeps going, it sounds like it’s a good thing for you guys.

  3. Murphy can shove it! Stomp him out! 😉

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